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Sprouting large pups is a fast way to gain big specimens within a year or so. In this article we discuss the problems that weve seen frequently and advise as to potential remedies that seem to help. Though they dont belong to the same botanical genus as palm trees, sago palms are so named for their attractive, frondlike foliage. We grow our palms on beautiful pine island, just off the coast of florida, with the experience of four generations of growers.

The sago palm is the only type of palm tree considered poisonous to dogs, cats and other pets. Jan 01, 2004 sagos can be grown in full sun, but they need to get acclimated to it. If you have small children, dogs or cats, take care to keep this houseplant away from them. Its just like a ficus treeif you move it, the leaves fall off, but it grows back just fine. Did you know that you can harvest them and produce even more sago palms. They are cycads, a type of plant with a unique reproductive process somewhat like that of ferns. Sago palm s primary distinguishing feature is its darkgreen, needled leaf blades that arise from its shaggy central trunk. How to care for a sago palm and why they are so difficult. The sago palm is not a palm, but a primitive relative of coniferous plants. I discuss how to avoid the common maladies of growing cycads and also give general sago palm care tips. Garden guides the toxicity of palm tree leaves for pets. In china i was shown a sago palm reportedly years old. Sago palm plants live many years and grow quite slowly. It is also one of the few plants to weather the ice age.

Sago palms, known botanically as cycas revoluta, are a bit misleading in their name. Keep reading to learn more about how to prune a sago palm. How to plant palm trees ask this old house duration. My tips and tricks to care for sago palms become one of my awesome subscribers. A sago palm is one of the easiest palm trees to care for, although it is technically not a palm tree but a cycad. Cycas revoluta, or sago palm is, in my mind one of the most striking and easy to grow members of the plant world. The tips of the leaves are prickly on some varieties, so these work best when planted away from foot traffic or recreational areas. A muchloved evergreen that develops a stout trunk topped by a whorl of dark green fronds, each containing hundreds of narrow spiky leaflets along its midrib. The sago palm cycas revoluta is a cycad, one of earths most ancient species.

The sago palm also known as cycas revoluta is an amazing tree known for its lush green, feathery fronds and virtually maintenance free care. The sago palm, cycas revoluta, is not actually a palm, as its name would suggest. Sago palm trees are moderately cold hardy and this palm survived the zero temperatures in the winter of 1983. In late spring, a mature male sago produces a golden cone, shaped like a giant pine cone which may grow over 2 tall as shown in the photo above. Holy crap, you folks sound as if the sago palm is a creature lurking in the dark, ready to eat you. Its slow growing to 10 feet, may be damaged at 28f. This plant is hardy in zone 8 and can be grown in central and. You can prune your sago palm throughout the year by removing any yellow or brown leaves. If the containers are too big, the root systems will grow slowly. All parts of the sago palm are toxic to humans and pets, but the seeds nuts are the most toxic part. Sago palm trees, also known as king palms, are one of the easiest plants to maintain. These hardy plants make wonderful patio or indoor plants and can be grown in usda growing zones 411 but are only recommended for outdoor planting in zones 811.

Her thousands of published articles cover topics from travel and gardening to pet care and technology. Sago palms cycas revoluta make a bold statement with their dense crown of feathery, evergreen fronds and stout, shaggy trunk. The sago palm is a popular houseplant known for its featherylike foliage and ease of care. While sago palms can enhance nearly any landscape, creating a tropical effect, unsightly yellowbrown foliage or an overabundance of heads might leave one to wonder if you should prune sago palm. If you notice your sago leaves turning yellow, the plant may be suffering from nutrient deficiencies. If you have a bright sunny room that is on the cool side, that is where i would put the sago palm. Cycad aulacaspis scale seems to spread over short distances by wind, and long distances by the transport of infested plants. Palmco is proud to be floridas premier grower and wholesaler of quality palm trees. Sago palms arent just poisonous to people, but also to cats and dogs. As subtropical plants, they thrive in warm, humid climates and grow in u. Sago palms are cycads, one of the most ancient of plants that has been around since prehistoric times. My sago palm plant is dying, and i dont know why or how to make it lively again. Mcmullen hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. How long will it be before they sprout any green again.

Sago palm outdoor care isnt particularly challenging but it is important to watch your weather report and be ready to act if you live in a zone that is under the sagos hardiness. So these yellowing leaves are certainly not due to rot. They have thick, bulbous trunks and long, spiny, olivecolored leaves. Though its an easy plant to grow and can thrive both indoors and outdoors in u. Sago palms cycas revoluta are ancient plants, known as cycads, that have existed for over 200 million years. The sago palm cycas revoluta isnt a true palm, its a cycad. Probably the most commonly grown cycad around the world is cycas revoluta, commonly known as the sago palm. It is one of several species used for the production of sago, as well as an ornamental plant. The name sago is also sometimes used for starch extracted from other sources, especially the sago cycad, cycas revoluta. My sago palm is turning yellow troubleshooting a sago. It bears huge, fernlike leaves from two to six feet long, eventually forming a thick trunk composed of rusty colored scales.

Beautiful addition to any space, does well in landscape or a container. Should i just go ahead and have them replaced with new ones. Although the large fronds are reminiscent of palms, sagos. A member of the cycad genus, these ancient plants dominated the terrain during the mesozoic era over 150 million years ago.

They are cycads, not palms, beautiful stiff featherlike leaves, use welldrainedsoil, learn care details sago palms only bloom once every 3 to 4 years with either male or female flowers. Nutrient availability and response of sago palm metroxylon sago. Ancient, beautiful and actively trying to kill your family. Sago palm is one of the easiest houseplants you can grow, and its no wonder. Its a very impressive plant, which can become more than six metres high. The sago palm is an interesting plant, that is relatively forgiving and fun to watch grow. Sago palms can reach up to 20 feet tall, and they can be grown indoors in bright sun or outdoors in warm climates. King sago palm plant, cycas revoluta how to care indoors cycas palms are one of the most known kinds of cycads. The sago palms belongs to the mesozoic era, and for this reason are known as living fossils. The deep burgundy ceramic pot was well wrapped in plastic, so there was no soil leakage. Maybe you can tell me if the salt thing is a good idea and if it is a high acidloving plant. Sago palms are prized for their stiff and spiny palm like fronds that are a glossy green and grow in a dramatic fountain form. Our sago palm has started to go yellow on the older leaves. Growing sago palms indoors is not hard, just dont overwater the plant and give them plenty of light oh.

So can you remove a sago plant flower without damaging the plant. This unfortunate common name has led many to believe this is a palm when it is not, and sometimes when treated like a palm, it does not perform as well as it should in cultivation. The same thing for a sago in full sunthe leaves may burn a little, but it will grow back just fine. They are not actually palms at all, but cycads, an extremely ancient type of tropical gymnosperm plant.

The toxicity level is severe and an affected child or pet that ingests part of the plant requires immediate medical attention. Sago palms produce a dense root system that can pose a challenge to anyone who wants to remove the pups. Sago palm is not a true palm tree, but a cycad with a stout trunk and a crown of compound leaves. Lsu agcenter horticulturist dan gill explains that danger and what you can do about it, as well as some other sago plant care tips, on this. Many common plants are toxic to pets, including sago palm tree leaves. Pruning sago palms my sago palms, which were planted at the corner of the driveway and the street, have now grown to 5 q. Moreover, as its spread is quite large, the location for planting must be chosen with care for proper growth. So, he ordered a huge pup, over 8 in diameter, and sprouted it himself. Sago palm has palm like leaves but is not a true palm. Sago palm is easy to care for but its leaves are nevertheless easily damaged and it should therefore be treated carefully.

If sago palm has survived thousands of years relatively unchanged in nature, it should be a good candidate for your living room. This plant is a living fossil, dating back to prehistoric times. Plant in a welldrained area, since cycad plants dont like. Department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. Beyond that, even if youre lacking a green thumb, all it takes is some common gardening materials to plant sago palm pups. Sago palms look like palm trees, but they are actually members of the very primitive cycad family of plants. This article provides information about sago palm pups.

Not actually a palm, but a cycad, one of the oldest plants on our earth, sago palms were around when the dinosaurs roamed free. They are also potential prey to disease and pests which are less likely to happen when they are grown in the home. Outdoor sago palm plants how to care for sago palm outside. Sago palm care and pruning information on pruning sago palms. The scale can even affect the roots down to two feet deep. In this video, i will show you how to make bonsai a cycas plant and its care. Although it is not a palm, it shares similar climactic requirements with palms and can be damaged easily by frost and freezing weather when grown on the margins of its hardiness zones. Now that youve confirmed that this is a sago palm, my next question, is it worth trying to dig this up for someone else to have. It can coat a sago within months and kill it within a year. King sago palm plant, cycas revoluta how to care indoors. The sago palm cycas revoluta has a rough trunk and long palm like leaves but despite its name and appearance, its not a palm at all but an ancient relative of conifer trees. Though a highly toxic plant to animals and people, there is something structurally beautiful to the sago palm, which actually isnt a palm at. Can somebody please help me with my plant i really like it and was told that they can live to around 50 years if taken care of. Sago palms are not terribly hardy and can be damaged at 30 fahrenheit 1 c.

The indestructibility and durability of the sago palm is legendary. Sago palms look like palm trees, but they are not true palm trees. When starting sago palm pups, which are offshoots of existing trees, the key is to put them in containers appropriate to their size. Imho dig them up like you would any other plant you wanted to get rid of is the best answer i could give.

My yard man cut my sago palms all the way to the ground after a bad freeze. However, with the right tools, its easy to overcome even the toughest roots. Extracting edible starch from the sago cycad requires special care due to the poisonous nature of cycads. Removing sago palm pups for propagation takes planning and effort, but it will yield healthy new plants after just a few months. Although the sago palm is not a true palm, the stiff foliage forms a stunning open rosette that adds a splendid tropical palm treelike element to smaller landscapes and patio gardens. The sago palm grows in warm climates but is a popular house plant, found in many homes and nurseries. When growing sago palms outdoors, it is important to keep this fact in mind. I have a sago that has grown way too big for the area i have an overgrown sago that im not really keen on digging up and transplanting it. Any of various tropical palm trees of asia and oceania, especially metroxylon sagu, used as a source of sago.

Cycas revoluta sotetsu japanese, sago palm, king sago, sago cycad, japanese sago palm, is a species of gymnosperm in the family cycadaceae, native to southern japan including the ryukyu islands. Cycas revoluta king sago palms pollination and seed growing. The sago palm grows very slowly so very little pruning is needed. Sago palm definition of sago palm by the free dictionary.

While the name might imply that it is a palm, this plant is actually considered a cycad. The sago palm, though it resembles a palm, is not a palm at all. Interesting about the water issue because almost a year ago, as a water saving measure, we turned off our irrigation and are now watering all the plants that need it by hose from a well. Although the large fronds are reminiscent of palms, sagos are actually cycads and more closely related to. This article is written for those who have a sago palm or cycad that is trouble and are having a problem with care of their cycad plant. A female, shown below, produces a huge golden flower which slowly opens when it is fertile, then closes, and begins to produce viable seed if pollination from a male sago was successful. Sago palms are toxic if consumed so keep them up and away from children and pets see more. Wrap with burlap to protect fronds from freezing winds.

If the thorn of a sago palm tree punctures your skin, get medical help, just to be on the safe side. Jan 22, 2017 in this video i will be trimming a sago palm and getting it ready for springtime,i am trimming all the dead fronds off and giving the sago palm a neater and more formal appearence enjoy the video. Outdoor sago palm plants benefit from the circulation afforded by the wind and the lighting. Cycad aulacaspis scale gardening solutions university.

I once had a customer located in a cold climate who wanted a giant sago palm for his atrium, however, large plants are far too bulky and heavy to ship great distances. Although it is considered somewhat cold hardy, sago palms thrive mainly in the warmer regions of the united states. I heard that my sago palms need salt and that i should sprinkle salt on them. Dogs especially seem to enjoy the taste of the plants. So, the best time of year to dig up your sago palm for transplant is in the winter or early spring, before it begins growing.

Show comments hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Natives to japan, sago palms are popular as ornamental plants. The best thing to do is leave it right where it is. The sago palm tree is a popular container palm tree to be placed in pairs at door entrances, zones 811. How to treat scale on sago palms by judy wolfe hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. If you have sago palms in or around your home, make sure your pets cant get close to them. Ive just heard far too many horror stories with dogs, and as much as it hurts me to get rid of this, the dogs come first. The leaves or fronds are dark green, shiny and a bit sharp to the touch. The sago palm is a slowgrowing cycad, and it can take up to 100 years for it to achieve its maximum height of 20plus feet tall. You will find sago palms for sale along with 20plus palm varieties. Oftentimes, unsightly yellow fronds are a signal of a nutrient deficiency, which can usually be remedied. In this video i will be trimming a sago palm and getting it ready for springtime,i am trimming all the dead fronds off and giving the sago palm a neater and more formal appearence enjoy the video. Cycad sago is used for many of the same purposes as palm sago. Sago palm outdoor care isnt a lot different from indoor cultivation.

Sago palms grow best in climates with mild winters, such as u. The sago cycad is also commonly known confusingly as the sago palm, although this is a misnomer as cycads are not palms. Sago palms cycas revoluta add a tropical, almost prehistoric, focal point to your yard. Sep 02, 2017 have you ever wondered what to do with all of those baby sago palms pups around your mature sago palms. The sago palm is commonly used as a container tree at restaurants and cafes. Mar 18, 2019 holy crap, you folks sound as if the sago palm is a creature lurking in the dark, ready to eat you. I follow the directions for how to take care of it, but the green leaves are turning light green to yellow and they are droopy. Property overview 1004 sago palm way, apollo beach, fl 33572 is a single family home built in 1975. Dating to the time of dinosaurs, sago palm cycas revoluta often is called a living fossil. Best offers for your garden basic care of a sa go palm tree. A sago palm pushes out all of its new leaves at once.

The queen sago can get leaf tip burn from cold but recovers quickly. It does not need training with wire to look great as a bonsai and regular pruning should be all that is needed to keep your palm in shape. Sago palms are often grown from its pups, that are offshoots that develop from the base of the plant. I would not expect it to grow in leaps and bounds indoors either, so no fertilization indoors. Given enough time, this slow growing tree will form a trunk six feet in length. Sago palm is native to the old world tropics from madagascar to japan. How to remove pups from sago palms home guides sf gate.

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