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The roommate soundtrack music complete song list tunefind. The roommate is one of those films, that when you first the trailer, you think to yourself, this is gonna suck. The roommate is a 2011 american psychological thriller directed by christian e. So in the end i think this is more a psyco movie than horror but deadreact and white eyes always gets me chills and a feeling that it could have been so much better than it is with many good ideas. But only when you actually see the film do you realize that you were only partly wrong. Its not a good movie, by any means, but its also not bad enough to have fun hating on. But as an avid movie goer, i have to say this is one of the better family movies in the past 10 years. How the roommate ripped off single white female screen rant. Overall, i dont think youd meet this person in the real world, but the combination has good dramatic. The soundtrack could easily be featured in an episode of the show too. Sure, id want to see how far they couldve gotten with their wishes as well as towards the end it couldve been a bit more twisted, but nevertheless, it is a great thriller that is different than majority of thrillers these days which have the same stories over and over. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more.

There are a plethora of good oppinions given here, about this movie. The roommate heres the track list of the soundtrack of the roommate, the upcoming horror movie starring leighton meester, minka kelly and cam gigandet. A story about a boy who goes to live with his very hot cousin and experiences exciting adventures there. At the end she finds out what sara is up to and how obsessive she really is. The two form a fast friendship until sara discovers that rebecca is mentally unstable and obsessive and will go to extreme measures to ensure that she is saras only. The film is inspired by the 1992 film single white female. The wrong roommate is a 2016 american television film directed by david decoteau and starring jessica morris, jasonshane scott, vivica a. While the scifi ending of horse girl seems confusing, its actually quite simple when we recognize the dangers of psychotic depression. Everything you need to know about the roommate movie 2011. The film was marketed with the tagline, some people talk. Leighton meester, minka kelly star in the familiar. In this ending i created, after sara had stabbed rebecca in the back, she feels awful, but she did.

The roommate, unlike notes on a scandal, high tension or heavenly creatures, did not have an explicit lesbianobsession between friends, but it appears the filmmakers thought this kind of film couldnt survive without some sort of. The movie was extremely predictable and you could of easily missed the entire first half of it and still pick it all up. Her new roommate is from the area and promises to show her around the city. A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman leighton meester who becomes obsessed with her new.

It is intriguing that at first rebecca just seems a bit odd, and to see how she becomes more and more psychotic as the movie progresses. The roommate was a stereotypical college horror movie that had no surprises whatsoever or anything that exceeded expectation. The original music score was composed by elmer bernstein. And a general air of malevolence hangs over the whole movie. The shower scene is very dramatic and scary when rebecca attacks tracy. Sweeney, and julianne moore, directed by peter yates. A young pretty girl is being stalked and obsessed with by her roommate. As it turns out, the movie s original ending wasnt as cutanddry. It would be presumptuous to declare that in the first weekend of february, weve already found the worst film of 2011 a year that.

Wells first came up with the story, but the character gained a rich, new life once he joined universals. If ever a thriller were to inspire a collective eh, its got to be the roommate. The invisible man is one of the oldest ideas for a terrifying creature. It is reminiscent of the famous shower scene in hitchcocks movie psycho. It almost felt like the movie just wanted the introduction out of the way so it could get to the main plot as quickly as possible. I wont ruin the ending for you, but suffice it to say its as predictable as the rest of the film. The character was influential in literature when h. A disturbed young woman gets obsessive about her female college roommate. Watch the roommate movie trailers, exclusive videos, interviews from the cast, movie clips and more at. What kind of mental disorder does rebecca have in the. The film stars leighton meester, minka kelly, cam gigandet, danneel harris, matt lanter, and aly michalka. The invisible man ending helps establish blumhouses remake as one of the years scariest movies and its full of twists and turns that may confuse some viewers. The roommate is a 2011 american film about what happens when a person you dont know previously has a violent obsession with you.

Theres also some swearing including st and ahole, sexuality including two women kissing, and underage partying. When college freshman sara arrives on campus for the first time, she befriends her roommate, rebecca, unaware that the girl is becoming. Innocent young college girl moves in with psycho roommate. If the plot of 2011s the roommate seems familiar, its because its a blatant ripoff of the 1992 film single white female. Shes barely making ends meet with a dead end parttime job, the schools been rough, and her roommate.

Sara is a college freshman making instant friends, a new boyfriend, and a new roommate named rebecca. But its not because she wants to sleep with sara in fact, they do end up sharing a bed together once and a scene from the trailerpromotional. Great northern houses the roommate soundtrack youtube. I wish more people would see it and realize what a great movie this is.

Here are the ways in which the roommate ripped off its predecessor. A big part of the problem is also, undoubtedly, a cast perilously full of tv stars all jostling together to make their jump to movie acting. I dont know if she becomes saras roommate on purpose or if its a coincidence. If that were the case, though, it would be just another barely explored plot element that begged for more detail or wrapping up by the time the film.

All 22 songs from the roommate soundtrack reelsoundtrack. With minka kelly, leighton meester, cam gigandet, aly michalka. The story sets up incoming freshman sara minka kelly as the goodgirl object of demented psychological desire for roomie rebecca leighton meester with. Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies.

The horror film, which also features twilights cam gigandet, is directed by. Even though i knew from the filming how it was going to end, the tears that came down my cheeks caught me by surprise. The movie involves a girl named sara who is starting her freshman year of college and is happy about having a roommate to spend the year with. An assistant professor of film studies was the first to describe the room as the citizen kane of bad movies.

Find all 45 songs in the roommate soundtrack, with scene descriptions. When college freshman sara arrives on campus for the first time, she befriends her roommate, rebecca, unaware that the girl is becoming dangerously obsessed with her. Too bad we dont have special sunglasses that could show us the cluster bs from regular people like in the movie they live. In the roommate, rebecca is saras college roommate. Surrender digital daggers the roommate soundtrack duration. When an early cut of happy death day was screened for audiences, the films climax was met with a bunch of angry viewers. Roommates is a 1995 american comedydrama film, starring peter falk, d. Escape room is a psychological horrorthriller that pits six strangers in a lifeordeath game that also hints at a larger threat in a sequel. The movie the roomate is about a college girl named sara who is. The movie has many creepy scenes and violent ones, including some with gore and blood, beatings, stabbings, and more. A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman leighton meester who becomes obsessed with her new roommate minka kelly. For more info about the game, screenshots and free download click here. The did not release a soundtrack for the roommate, but you can find all 22 songs from the movie here.

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