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Writing adolescent fictioncharacter namesboys wikibooks. I recently read a novel that featured many welsh characters with very welsh names. This classic boys name is a top 10 choice for many reasons, but we particularly love the lesson about perseverance in the face of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Think of the book little women by louisa may alcott, and that family of girls. Writing adolescent fictioncharacter namesgirls wikibooks, open. Here are the most popular characters that parents and their kids love. Sometimes what seems like a good idea has drawbacks. Aim to have the name suggest something about the character. Jul 05, 20 are you writing a book and need a name for your character. I wish i was writting a magical story right now so that i could use one of those unusual names.

Here are seven great rules for choosing character names offered up. Jan 22, 2016 boys names inspired by childrens books. In reality, a character name has just a few things to establish. Im trying to write a adventurefantasy novel, but i always get stuck when trying to name my characters. Novels, tv, movies and comic books are a great source for baby names. Some names can be both surnames and forenames, like. Now i dont have to try to think up girl names in my books. Feb 06, 2020 glance through character or place names in the book to get some ideas.

The process had the side benefit of giving me an opportunity to really think about the nature of the different characters who will inhabit my story pages. For more great titles that will entice your reader, check out these timeless chapter books for kids. Generate the best character names with these tricks. I was equal parts fascinated with her determination as a. Top ten best books of all time best book characters best william shakespeare plays. The 7 rules of picking names for fictional characters. Sep 25, 2017 what should i name the characters in my book. Names of characters in the oz books our wonderful list of exciting names some youve probably forgotten. Character names are to characters as titles are to books, so if youre blindly. I hope this random town name generator will help you find really good town names for whatever type of town you need to name.

The weight of that responsibility can often paralyze writers. Edgar allan poes annotated short stories by edgar allan poe, wonder tales. In a fantasy story, maybe each race has a distinctive characteristic that lets you identify the name as that race. The right name can help you explore a character s personality. How to come up with names for characters write good books. Helps the reader differentiate between the major players. Beyond christopher robin and max you can follow any responses to this entry through the rss 2. Top female characters from childrens books scholastic.

In the realm of commercial fiction, few genres surpass mystery in terms of sales. Names of characters in peanuts our list of characters from the charles m. I used that for a story that i hope to post on kp someday. Coming up with a great name for your characters is one of the hardest tasks youll ever complete as a fiction writer.

Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. But i dont like some of these fantasy names that sound really stupid. Whenever i get new name ideas, i will incorporate them into the already existing list. On one hand, you dont want to saddle your characters with ordinary, pedestrian names. It can also help to compare last names from your characters to the story youre skimming. They started as pen names for my mom, but it just grew. Sort using filters such as language, gender, and fantasy and even discover the meaning behind your favorites. To find unique names for your characters, check movie credits or a mythology book for something unique. This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional books. The book of names first of all, i suggest all writers get a fancy schmancy leatherbound notebook with a golden the book of names title written on the cover or spine. I searched online for russian names and then went from there. What are some good doctor names for a character in a book.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reference to the chronically underrated phantom tollbooth. Aug 16, 2018 character names are to characters as titles are to books, so if youre blindly putting finger to phone book when picking one, youre doing it wrong. The top 10 loners in fiction from miss havisham to boo radley, novelist robert williams picks the best portrayals of characters who stand outside society robert williams. How to come up with an iconic character name in 12 steps. Write down your storys themes and then head to a name generator. Curtis, george, paul, jordan, logan, dylan, wilson, kerry, owen, keith, austin and oliver. To celebrate world book day, we asked the leading lights of british letters to name the characters who give them the greatest reading pleasure. Youll find a few classics and lots of unusual names given to characters in. The funny thing about random book name generators is that many of them are niche specific which is a good thing. Writing adolescent fictioncharacter namesboys wikibooks, open.

What better place to find your babys name than in a muchloved book. How to make a good last name for characters in a book. Feel free to use or change any of these for any of your works. Youll also have to provide names and surnames for other characters like the sidekicks, the love interest, the rival, and of course, the villain. Test your story idea on others who love your genre. Lets face it, the typical sentence structure and word lexicon for erotica book titles are completely different than scifior lets hope. Nico is the best search up all seven names and look at fan art amazing. The 7 rules of picking names for fictional characters by. You can follow any responses to this entry through the rss 2.

Im thinking of writing story just for fun and i know this may seem creepy but im really into suspense and horror books. Writers resourcescharacter name listsfind names for your characters. See more ideas about book characters dress up, character dress up. To find good story ideas in your genre, run your ideas past a writing group or a single trusted confidant. Of course, you cant just pick out random names either because there is power behind the names you give. And reading your story they might become upset and try to sue you. I like them to sound semi normal, but still fantasy sounding. Coming up with names for your characters is easy, right. If a name appears once or twice per whole story its poor style its much better to give the character some very memorable traits not pink shirt, but rather a glass eye and chipped front tooth, if they are to reappear seven chapters apart, when the reader would long forget the name and even more so the pink shirt. Your novel might become an audiobook or an ebook with texttospeech enabled. Sep 25, 2019 this is a very subtle approach and would make the most sense for a story that unfolds in a time and place thats similar to your own. Writing adolescent fictioncharacter namesgirls wikibooks.

The just so stories by rudyard kipling taught me to love the music in words. He is in my opinion the best character out of all rick riordans books and deserves a higher spot on the list. Would you like tips for choosing character names for your story. What are some good names for adventurefantasy characters. You need to think about the tone of your book, and what effect a name choice might have on it. These literary baby girl names have been inspired by characters in books from all genres and periods from childrens literature to classic 18th century prose, weve come up with 90 names and theres definitely something here to suit every bookworm parent. The simple automated character name generator below will help in your search for interesting and unique character names, male or female have you struggled to imagine a suitable name for your story or novel character. If i want to honor someone in real life, i may use their last name as a first for a character. And i just cant seem to find anything to write about and so i was hoping that you guys could give me some good titles and i could write the story to it. Use our free random character name generator and generate names to kickstart your next creative writing project.

Before adding a name, please check all three tiers to make sure it is not already on the list. Character name generator the ultimate bank of 2,000,000. All you have to do is scour the page of 300 unique, original fantasy names and keep this list a reference while you write that fandomworthy novel of yours. Just to hit one of those random name generator sites like seventh sanctum and youre done. Sep 30, 20 i cant do that, and maybe you cant either, so here are some ways i go about gathering names for the characters and places in my own books and stories. We have divided the list into 75 female and 75 male names, so pick your favorites and have some fun.

Its personal and meaningful, and a book lover knows how much a story can mean to a person. Culture books features the 100 favourite fictional characters. For example, i have a character in a book that i am trying to write and he is russian. This list of general girls names is divided into three tiers. He actually has flaws, something that every good character needs. A name generator site is a good first start, but what goes into picking the names of the inhabitants of your story is much more complicated than that. This list of general boys names is divided into three tiers. Oct 16, 2019 these book character costumes, inspired by classic picture books and ya novels, are perfect whether youre dressing up for book week or trickortreating for halloween. Oh by the way, another name i thought you might like on your list. Ask yourself whether or not your character s last name would fit or stand out in a book with similar themes. I wasnt suprised when i saw dawn and willow in there, but i was suprised not to see ivy.

Still, there is something fun about thinking of villain names. In the first tier are roughly the top 400 names among girls of high school age in. The names added to the credibility of the setting and the story, but there were many times that i had to set the book down and look up the pronunciation of a name. Unique last name ideas for fictional characters of your book. I have come up with ideas for book names for anybody over 2000 book names ideas, but some are unpublished pending editing. I love when theres a story behind a name, even if its as simple as it was my favorite character when i was growing up. Writing a book can be challenging enough on its own. Mysterythriller character generator random personality. Jun 30, 2008 well, your character names could depend on where your story takes place or where your characters are from. Liesel starts out as weak and unable to use words or books herself, but as the story unfolds she becomes a master at words and understands not only their power for good but their power for evil as well. Were providing that push in the form of this buzzle post. If the name you are adding is an uncommon ethnic name, you might consider adding it to one of the other lists at character names instead. But when that fails, writers need a subtle creative push to find a name that actually fits the characters.

Coming up with a great name for your characters is one of the hardest tasks youll ever. In the first tier are the top 200 names among boys of high school age in the past. Whether you are writing a novel and need a character name or just want an evil name for your dog, the following list of cool villain names can help. If you cant find anything you like, try misspelling other names or words to create new ones. Town name generator generate real and fantasy town names. I really love lyra, coraline, beatrix, florence flossie and josephine. See more ideas about book characters, character costumes, book character costumes.

I read my story in second or third grade and i become obsessed with her. In fact, there are whole websites and books devoted solely to analyzing all pynchons fictional names. Naturally, your lead character wont be the only named character in your story. Ive met literally thousands of doctors and seem some very odd names in my time, which makes me weirdly qualified to answer this question. Thousands of fantasy names fairy, gnomes, elves, goblins. Schulz comic strip peanuts magic names this is a huge list of mystic cat names, but easily adapt to use for other pets. Coming up with last names for your characters can also be surprisingly tricky. If writing a series or saga and the characters in following books show up in book one, you dont have to worry about coming up with the main characters names. Flipping through phone books is the easiest way to coin innovative and unique names for fictional characters. Weve rounded up 116 of our favorite iconic literary characters for you to choose from.

You can also rearrange the letters of phrases or names you like to. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reference to. Elizabeth sims august 28, 2012 no matter what sort of character name youre pursuing, heed common sense and follow these seven tips to make sure you pick the best names possible for your story. Harriet the spy was my favorite book as a kid, and id absolutely use harriet with the wonderful nn hattie, if our last name didnt begin with hatt. A boy dose not despise real forest because he has read about enchanted ones, the reading makes all real forest a little enchanted. If character names arent coming easily, try one of these tips to kickstart your. Some of the most successful, popular authors of the all time fall into this category including modern storytellers like james patterson and harlan coben as well as classic word sculptors like agatha christie and edgar allen poe. Aaron abraham adam alan alec alex alexander amos andrew anthony andy arnold arthur avery barry bart bartholomew benjamin bernard benny bill bob bobby brad bradley brent brett brian bruce burt byron caleb calvin carl chad chadwick chandler charles charlie chris christopher chuck clark cliff cole colin cory dale daniel darrel darren dave david dennis derek. If you have any other names that you would like to add to the l. If shown, the year indicates when the book was first published. If the name you are adding is an uncommon name, you might consider adding it to one of the other lists at character names instead. Abby abigail alexandria alice alicia allison alyssa andrea angelica angie anna annabelle anne ariel audrey barbara beatrice becky bernadette beth bethany betty betsy beverly bonnie brianna bridget brooke carly carol carrie catherine cathy cecilia celeste charlene charlotte christine christina cindy connie constance crystal cynthia daisy danielle deanna dee dee deirdre diana diane donna dora. Character name generator create random names story shack. These include novels, short stories, graphic novels and comic books.

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